SIS Height Adjustable Tables and Desks

Cornell University's Ergonomics Research lab conducted a study with adjustable height desks, and reported a 20% reduction in general musculoskeletal strain. SIS height adjustable desks enable the users to rotate between sit to stand position at their desks and reduce the pressure on the lower back, and legs. Standing at work has also shown to increase your productivity. SIS height adjustable tables create a sit-stand option for users and enables them to stretch and move. The immediate effect is improved blood circulatuion and reduction of the pressure on the spine. As you get your blood flowing by standing up, you can effectively increase your concentration and energy, boosting your productivity. 


SIS furniture is designed for all working and learning environments.  By focusing our products on ergonomics, flexibility, function, cost-effective design, we are able to manufacture furniture that is superior in today's market.  SIS's goal is to maintain high standard of quality.  Of course, design is all about looking good.  But good design also means safety in use, ease of cleaning, and maintenance - as well as ergonomics, durability and flexibility.  At SIS, form and function go together to create designs that have stood the test of time.  We give all our office products a limited lifetime warranty.

Top Manufacturing 

SIS-USA's top production provides furniture quality tops in size, shapes and quantities to meet customer needs in our new manufacturing facility.  We use high-pressure laminate surfaces available from any of the major domestic suppliers.
  • Services
  1. Full top production to furniture quality standards
  2. Laminate lay up
  3. Computerized panel cutting
  4. Contour and inline edge-banding
  • Equipment
  1. EVA glue cold pressure environmentally friendly lay up line
  2. Holzma computerized panel saw
  3. Homag BAZ contour edge-bander
  4. Hamag straight line edge-bander
SIS's computerized in line post-former, unique to New England manufacturing, takes a standard square cut panel and routes the radius edge shape, applies the glue and heats and bends the lamination in one process to assure consistency, quality, and the most economical price. 
  • State of the Art

The facility, fitted with air lifting equipment and a dust collection system makes the state of the art facility a safe and clean environment for workers assuring the quality of the finished products.

Office Solutions

For the office of today, and tomorrow...SIS-USA manual, crank and electric height adjustable workstations and ergonomic accessories improve comfort and productivity in office, call center, healthcare, training, and higher education environments. SIS-USA designs workstations in seated or sit-to-stand range and in nearly any shape or size.  Upgrades are available that ensure future flexibility, allowing workstations to adapt as technology and other needs change. SIS-USA offers a lifetime warranty on office furniture.  SIS offers well designed, flexible, adjustable, mobile furniture.

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